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The 10 Best April Fools Pranks of 2014


April Fools 2014 has come and gone, but there are a few of the day’s pranks that people will no doubt be talking about for some time to come.

April Fools 2014 has come and gone, but there are a few of the day’s pranks that people will no doubt be talking about for some time to come.

Here are 10 of this year’s best.

Number 10. Google’s Celebrity Photobomb App. The tech giant promised people that if they uploaded a photo or group shot, it would soon be virtually photobombed by none other than David Hasselhoff. More celebrity options were, said their blog, on the way.

Number 9. KFC Australia’s Mighty Mouth Expander. Finding that their new sandwich is too big for you to bite into? No worries. According to the chicken chain, they worked closely with orthodontists to create the mouth-stretching device. They were even offering it as a free gift with purchase.

Number 8. Domino’s UK Edible Pizza Box. The jokesters at the pizza company advertised their latest revolution in food delivery — the Edibox. Made of pizza crust, it was touted as being tasty and eco-friendly.

Number 7. Virgin’s Smarty Pants. Having toned glutes is very important to a lot of people. To help them stay on track with their butt crunch regimen, Virgin Active Health Clubs in the UK announced they had developed a breakthrough in wearable tech. Their new underwear, said the site, comes equipped with a crunch counter.

Number 6. Power Food by Sony. Dead phone and not an outlet to be found anywhere? Look no further than your breakfast or afternoon snack. The company announced the development of Power Food, a line of cake, cereal, and energy bars that double as charging stations.

Number 5. Tic Tac Shakeless. Don’t like to share your candy? For people like you, Tic Tac said they created special bubble wrap lined package that prevents the telltale maraca-like sound.

Number 4. The Ultimate Sleeping Machine. BMW New Zealand debuted a baby-sized napping pod built to replicate the sensation of riding in a car, complete with road-type preference and customizable engine sounds. No doubt there are many new parents out there wishing this prank product were real.

Number 3. Cheeteau by Chester…. Cheetos. The serious-looking, black and white video ad for Cheeto’s new perfume promised a cheesy aroma that is, according to the product’s tag line, ‘Unexpected yet Undeniable’.

Number 2. Reddit’s Headdit. Taking the ridiculous feature route, the popular site introduced hands-free browsing and commenting. Users wishing to navigate or publish emoticons needed only make the desired motion or face themselves. There was also a cat mode, which could be easily activated by just flashing a feline in front of the camera.

Number 1. LinkedIn — Cats You May Know. Cats are super important in the internet, and who better to make sure you know the right ones than LinkedIn. Skills and resumes were, of course, posted so those specifically looking for a lint chaser or a watcher, would have an easy time locating one.

Who do you think pulled the funniest prank?