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Riding Mower Prank on Dad Gone Wrong – Girls Take it Too Far


Two girls scare their father with a riding mower surprise prank but it ended up being a costly prank exceeding in over 1000 dollars in damages. See what these girls did to their father. Seems the damages ending up being an incentive for their father to spend over 4,300 dollars on an upgraded replacement. The John Deere tractor was not damaged but something else was. See if their dad forgives them and gets over it. Did the girls gets punished or in trouble? Did anyone get run over? Does this remind you of those prank shows on MTV like Punked or Viva LeBam?

See what the girls and their father do out in the yard with the tractor. Should Brittany not be allowed to have the key to the riding lawn mower? Will Brianna be paying for damages out of her allowance or will her dad just write it off as a loss and buy a new and improved replacement.

Yard work can be fun when you do it together as a family and help each other out. Just remember to be careful around machinery especially when you are using a tractor with very sharp and big mower blades.

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Do not try these pranks on anyone unless you are prepared to see some destroyed personal property or possibly and angry person. Not everyone is a good sport like these tow girls dad. Little kids need to have adult supervision.

We also recommend not using very expensive electronics such as video cameras when outside working in the yard with power equipment such as tractors, lawn mowers, and jackhammers. Always wear personal protection such as safety glasses, hard hat, helmets, and of course some sunscreen and whatever else is necessary to make the job a safe one..

I think my kids watch too much edbassmaster due to their pranks they pull but thats alright he has funny videos that we all like.

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The big question is. Did my kids prank me or did I actually prank my kids on their own prank? You be the judge! Answers will be revealed in next week’s video.

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