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Playing a Prank – Science Teacher’s First Day Back


Awesome Prank on our science teacher! SUBSCRIBE to us!! http://youtube.com/wanderingfilms

Today Mr. Clemens, one of our high school’s physics teachers, returned from several months out. To welcome him back, we switched out all of the students in his first class of the day with students from an AP Macroeconomics class – to mess with his head, we kept the first few kids alphabetically correct so he’d go down the list and see several students in the right place, and most of his class completely different from his attendance list.

The scheme worked far better than anyone could have hoped. We managed to keep him confused and fooled without anyone giving the prank away for a full 43 minutes of class, until finally the teacher behind it all (Mr. Olson) came into the room and revealed what had happened!

I know it’s a bit long but for the kids involved we wanted to include most of what happened! 🙂

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