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Omegle Pranks – Scaring People by Naming Where They Live #18 – “Funny Omegle Pranks”


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In this video, I use a demon voice changer to scare the crap out of people. Then to take it to the next level, I name where they live. Then they are really freaked out. Their reactions are pretty funny, so if you enjoyed the video, be sure to click that like button.

Note: I tell the stranger that it’s just a prank as long as they don’t disconnect before I get a chance to.

You might be wondering how the hell I know a persons location on Omegle. Whenever two people are connected on Omegle video chat, Chatroulette, or skype, each persons IP address is sent to the other persons computer. I just know where the persons IP is sent to on my computer, which allows me to look it up to find their general location. For those that say this is illegal, it is far from it. This is not illegal at all. I just want to make that clear.