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Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Gorilla and Mouse Pranks


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Gorillas gone wild!! We’ve got some quite convincing ape costumes and aren’t afraid to use them to scare the hell out of some unsuspecting victims! Also we like mice. Many of you are probably wondering why a Gorilla AND Mouse pranks – well, feel free to post your best theories in the comments!

In this action-packed episode, we generously give you:

– Trapped With Gorilla – http://youtu.be/HvIgHb2npOQ
– Gorilla Attack – http://youtu.be/jyce1BJytAs
– Painting Gorilla Prank – http://youtu.be/LDxEC-Q_DwI
– Security guard eats mouse – http://youtu.be/S83iUUmka7g
– Gorilla Pranks Humans – http://youtu.be/0jjBZCXb-Nc

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